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Welcome to my plant-based food blog and thanks for dropping by, its lovely to see you! I am excited to be sharing my journey of discovery into recipes, tips and ideas for plant-based cooking with you, for a happy healthy beautiful life.

My personal experience has brought me to the thinking that a good diet can transform our sense of health and well-being in a really, really good way. My journey to eating a plant-based diet began from a need and desire to improve my own health after not coping very well with inflammatory bowl disease. After a lot of research I decided to give fully plant-based a whirl. To start with it was overwhelming. I had a reasonable grasp of cooking with ‘standard’ ingredients (read- lots of cheese, milk butter and meat), but achieving a tasty, or even let’s face it, an edible meal without using the usual culprits proved a huge and lengthy challenge. After a whopping great learning curve, hours spent online checking how to make staples like sauces and a lot of practice, two years later I now manage to produce tasty meals a good proportion of the time and LOVE experimenting with all the wonderful planty ingredients!

The fab by-product of my decision to follow a plant-based diet, apart from amazingly improved health and no meds needed any longer (!YAY!!!), was that firstly, I felt a weight had lifted when thinking about animal welfare, as I was no longer contributing to the problem. Secondly, my family decided to join me after watching a few documentaries (I bet you know the ones!) and talking about the issues, so they’ll hopefully reap the rewards of eating healthily now too. Also, its way easier, when everyone eats the same meal together as a family. Bonus extra: my kids are not so picky any more (PUNCHES THE AIR!!), no more cooking 4 separate meals and they will now tackle any new veggies with only minimal horrified looks!!!! Since the move to plant-based, I have also become aware of the huge environmental impact of eating meat and dairy, which may alone have been enough to convince me to cut it out. Win, win, win and quadruple win!!

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